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Testing Specialties Inc. (TSI) is San Antonio’s premier building systems testing, balancing and engineered solutions provider. Originally formed in 1984 as an HVAC Test and Balance company TSI’s services have grown to include a myriad of services related to the design, construction, commissioning (new construction, LEED, retro-commissioning) and independent testing of building mechanical, electrical and fire life safety systems including HEPA filter leak tests, clean room certification, commercial and residential blower door testing, duct blast testing and sound and vibration testing.  TSI also provides real estate related development and operational services including project and construction management, due dilligence and site acquisitions services, energy modeling and building audits.  Our nationwide clients rest easy at night knowing that our involvement on their project team will ensure optimum building performance at the time of occupancy and for years to come.

 "In this new wave of technology, you can't do it all yourself, you have to form alliances.”  Carlos Slim Helu (the richest man in Mexico)


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Jump to main content jump to navigation nature. Com homepage publications a-z index browse by subject my account e-alert sign up register subscribe login cart search advanced search journal home > advance online publication > review > full text > box 1 box 1 | timeline of discoveries in the molecular pathogenesis of ftd from the following article: advances in understanding the molecular basis of frontotemporal dementia rosa rademakers, manuela neumann & ian r. Mackenzie nature reviews neurology advance online publication published online 26 june 2012 doi:10. 1038/nrneurol. cheap generic viagra generic viagra online cheap viagra online cheap viagra online cheap generic viagra buy cheap viagra cheap viagra fast shipping overnight viagra online buy viagra online buy viagra online 2012. 117 back to article | next box 1892: arnold pick describes lobar atrophy in a patient with presenile dementia and aphasia 147 1911: alois alzheimer characterizes pick bodies using silver stains 148 1960s: descriptions of psp and cbd clinicopathological syndromes 149, 150 1974: different pathological subtypes of pid described 151 mid-1980s–early 1990s: identification of tau as major component of pathological lesions in alzheimer disease, pid, psp and cbd 152 1990: description of ftd cases without specific histopathology, termed dldh 153 mid-1990s: identification of ftld-u, a subset of ftd with ubiquitin-immunoreactive inclusions 154 1998: mutations in the microtubule-associated protein tau gene (mapt) identified in some families with ftd and parkinsonism genetically linked to chromosome 17 10, 11, 12 2004–2006: recognition that most cases of dldh are really ftld-u, and that ftld-u is the most common ftd-associated pathology 34 2006: description of different patterns of ftld-u that correlate with clinical phenotypes, genetic abnormalities and biochemical properties of inclusions 116, 118 2006: discovery that mutations in the progranulin gene (grn) cause autosomal dominant ftd and explain all remaining chromosome 17-linked families 15, 16 2006: tdp-43 identified as pathological protein in most cases of ftld-u and als 35, 36 2008: identification of a subset of ftld-u cases that lack tdp-43-immunoreactive pathology, termed atypical ftld-u, or aftld-u 155, 156 2009: discovery that most cases of tau-negative and tdp-43-negative ftld have fus-immunoreactive pathology (ftld-fus) 39, 40, 41 2011: discovery that ftld-fus shows accumulation of other fet protein family members taf15 and ews 42 2011: ftd and als associated with a gene defect on chromosome 9p identified as a repeat expansion in c9orf72 28, 29 abbreviations: als, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; cbd, corticobasal degeneration; dldh, dementia lacking distinct histopathology; ftd, frontotemp. HomeAboutHVAC Testing and Balancing ServicesBuilding Commissioning ServicesFire Life Safety Systems Commissioning and PretestingIndependent Testing ServicesHEPA Filter Leak Testing and Clean Room CertificationFume Hood Testing and CertificationUSGBC LEED and Energy Star CertificationReal Estate and Facilities ServicesCareers/News/Resources