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HVAC Testing and Balancing Services

Independent Testing and Balancing of building HVAC systems has been our “bread and butter” since 1984.  Since that time we have completed literally thousands of test and balance projects throughout Texas.  Our extensive experience testing and balancing all types of commercial and industrial A/C and ventilation systems including stairwell and fire smoke control systems has given us an unequaled understanding of how these complicated systems are intended to work as well as how they actually work in the field.  This unique understanding enables TSI to provide "real-world" solutions to any HVAC related problem.  In addition to our unequaled technical expertise our contractor and building owner clients appreciate us because we get the job done right when our client’s need it done and in a manner that makes them look good.  Our field personnel are not only highly trained technically but they also understand the issues associated with working in owner and tenant occupied spaces. We get the job done right in the required time frame with minimal impact to our client’s operation.

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