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Building owners, general contractors and mechancial contractors looking to maximize building efficiency will often require a blower door test to determine exactly how much air a building or a room in a building is leaking and where those leaks occur.  Blower door testing/duct blast testing is also utilized to determine air leakage in HVAC ductwork.  A blower door is a diagnostic tool designed to measure the airtightness of buildings, rooms and/or HVAC duct and consists of a calibrated fan for measuring an airflow rate and a pressure sensing device to measure the air pressure created by the fan flow. The combination of pressure and fan-flow measurements are used to determine the building/room/ductwork airtightness. The airtightness of a building/room/ductwork is useful knowledge when trying to increase energy efficiency and/or decrease indoor air pollution, or control building pressures.

TSI can perform blower door or duct blast testing for a multitude of applications including LEED certification (IAQ) for residential units, energy certification for the US Army Corps of Engineers, NFPA92A and IBC smoke control barrier integrity testing and measuring air tightness standards established by ASHRAE.  Contact us regarding your specific need. 

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