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Independent Testing Services

TSI has the capabilities to perform independent testing and verification on any building mechanical, electrical, plumbing or fire life safety system.  The systems we are asked to test on a regular basis include variable air volume (VAV), air conditioning systems, air conditioning central plants, air conditioning hydronic systems, stairwell pressurization/fire smoke control and related fire life safety systems, HVAC and lighting control systems and sound and vibration testing for mechanical systems.  We also perform independent HEPA filter leak testing and clean room certification for the medical, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.  Additionally for those clients trying to determine building, room or duct leakage rates required for LEED certification, Energy Star certification, US Army Corps of Engineers or just to maximize building energy performance we perform commercial and residential blower door testing and duct blast testing. For LEED or other projects TSI also provides lighting level testing (LEED IEQ Credit 8.1) and indoor air quality (IAQ) testing services (LEED IEQ Credit 3.2).

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