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Building Commissioning Services

TSI has been commissioning buildings since the company's inception and prior to commissioning becoming recognized as the best way to ensure a building's optimum performance.  TSI is certified by NEBB, ACG and ASHRAE in building systems commissioning.  TSI's commissioning agents provide various services related to commissioning including commissioning for LEED projects, commissioning for new construction and retro commissioning of existing buildings.  This includes providing Commissioning Services in accordance with the City of Austin's Ordinance No. 20100408-051.  Further this includes commissioning services required by the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the San Antonio amendments to the same.  By making sure TSI is on board early to provide the required commissioning services for your project your construction team can ensure they will not be held up when trying to obtain their final occupancy permits for their San Antonio or Austin projects.  

As part of or seperate from the commissioning process TSI also provides owner training for building systems including assisting the owner with his or her preventative maintenance program development.  TSI can also provide quality control services through it's Quality Assurance-Quality Control (QA-QC) Program during project development to ensure the project is constructed in accordance with the owner's and consultant's requirements.  Whether your project is located in Texas or elsewhere in North America Please take the time to review our sample project case studies to see how TSI's services directly benefitted the various projects and project teams.



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