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TSI can provide a complete QA-QC (Quality Assurance - Quality Control) program as part of the project development process and/or commissioning process.  TSI’s early involvement in the design as well as contractor selection process is the first step to an effective QA-QC program.  Once contracts are awarded, TSI’s QA-QC’s professionals work closely with the construction team to ensure that all contractors and suppliers understand thoroughly the project’s QA-QC requirements.  In this way we can ensure the work completed complies with the QA-QC program the first time it is installed thereby eliminating unnecessary “redo” costs for the subcontractors and potential project delays for the owner.  Our value added approach is appreciated by subcontractors, general contractors and owners alike and goes way beyond the “observe and report" approach many independent inspectors adhere to.

Beverly Hills Hotel Case Study

Park Tower Condominiums Case Study

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